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GateKeeper - Locate and Alert

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Développeur CoolCAD Electronics, LLC

This GateKeeper app works in conjunction with the GateKeeper Chain (GK Chain) to enable users to locate and track desired objects. The GK Chains can also be used to auto-lock and unlock your computer using our GateKeeper software.

You can purchase the GateKeeper Chains at

There are two main operating scenarios for this app.

The app can be set to “ALERT” mode where the smartphone keeps track of the GK Chain. In the “ALERT” mode, if the user carrying the smartphone/iPhone walks away from the GK Chain, it will start beeping and warn him that he/she has forgotten the GK Chain.

The app can also be set to “LOCATE” mode in which the user can use the app to locate the GK Chain. In this scenario, the app will connect to the GK Chain and indicate to the user how far it is from the smartphone. As you walk around, the app will indicate whether you have moved closer or farther away from the GK Chain. Using the "LOCATE" feature will also cause the GK Chain to buzz making it easier for you to find your lost valuables.

GateKeeper Auto-Lock and Unlock Software for your computer:

The GK Chains can also be used to auto-lock and unlock your computer (Mac). Along with the USB Lock, the GateKeeper software tracks your proximity to your computer and locks it when you walk away. Protect your privacy with this easy to use Bluetooth Low Energy solution. You can also use GateKeeper as a two-factor authentication system to add security to your daily computer use. With the GateKeeper software and two-factor authentication enabled, you will need to have your GK Chain AND type in your password to unlock your computer. Pretty awesome right?

You can find more information about the multiple uses of the GateKeeper and buy your own GK Chains on our website:

The GateKeeper app requires iOS 7 . The GateKeeper software works with Mac OS X.

GateKeeper is officially supported on the following phones:
* iPhone 4s and above

GateKeeper may work on other phones. Please contact us at if you encounter any issues or have questions.